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Common Fire Code Violations and How to Avoid Them

ROS Electric has been helping customers resolve their fire code violations for over 30 years! Our experienced staff can evaluate your situation, figure out how to remedy it, and assist in the correction. We will work with the Federal, State, or Local Agency responsible for the issuance of the violation until it has been abated. Keep reading to learn about some of the fire code violations more in-depth!

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Commercial and Residential Security Alert Systems

The use of security alert systems is on the rise in the United States. In fact, 38% of Americans are using some form of home security. Whether it is a security camera or door sensor, homeowners want to feel secure.

Business owners are also getting in on the action. Commercial security systems allow business owners to deter crime and protect their business assets. 

Read on to learn all about residential security systems, as well as, explore commercial security systems so that you can compare the two.

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LED Lighting FAQs

In commercial and residential applications, LED lighting offers advantages that CFL and incandescent lighting can’t match. For example, LEDs (light-emitting diodes) last up to 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs and five times longer than CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps). That’s just the start of the benefits list! Let’s dive into all of the other benefits and common questions about LED lights.

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The Importance of Your Fire Alarm System Having a Carbon Monoxide Detector

More than 50,000 people end up in the Emergency Room, and 400 people die every year from unintentional Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning. Furnaces, gas ranges, generators, lanterns, stoves, and vehicles all produce CO fumes. You shouldn’t have any issue when the fumes are properly ventilated, but they can be dangerous or even deadly in enclosed or partially enclosed spaces. Given the dangers, here’s why it’s important to have a carbon monoxide detector in your home.

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Generator System FAQs

At ROS Electric LLC, our electrical experts want to give you the power to prepare for every possible scenario. Thus, we install whole-house and portable generators based on your energy needs. In this blog, we answer your frequently asked questions about generators including those about the type, operation, and maintenance. Check it out!

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Why Building Access Controls are Important

Your building access controls are an important part of your commercial security system. You’re able to keep your buildings safe and secure by controlling who has access to a key or even sensitive areas of your buildings. Here are just a few reasons why building access controls are important.

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fire alarm testing, systems, smoke detectors, inspection, fire alarms, devices, fire protection, safety

5 Reasons to Test Your Fire Alarms Regularly

Annual fire alarm testing and inspections are not only required by code, but it’s also prudent and can help protect your property and tenants from catastrophe. You must regularly inspect and test your fire alarm system to ensure that it is 100% functional. The good news is this process is made easy by employing the service of ROS Electric and our trained staff of technicians. 

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Project Spotlight: Type 3 Rapid Charger for Porsche of Englewood

As electric cars grow in popularity, more and more car companies are releasing their own electric vehicles, growing the demand for charging station installations. This year, Porsche released their first electric vehicle, the Porsche Taycan! Because of this, ROS Electric was given the opportunity to install level 3 DC rapid chargers at Porsche’s Englewood, NJ location. Let’s take a closer look at this project and electric car charging station installation as a whole!

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Electric Car Chargers FAQ

If you are like most homeowners, you are curious as to whether adding an electric vehicle charging station will increase your utility bill, spur maintenance costs and prove reliable. However, EV charging is cheaper and easier than most homeowners assume. We have all the answers to the most commonly asked questions with our helpful electric vehicle charging guide.

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