Q: How do you charge for your work?
A: We typically price our work using lump sum bid pricing this way you can make an informed decision and you know up front the true cost of the project. Having said that, we have worked on projects using other pricing approaches such as, cost plus, T & M (Time & Materials), etc… and are agreeable to such terms when the project calls for it.

Q: What type of warranties, if any do you provide?
A: Product and Equipment warranties are provided for by the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Industry standard on Workmanship and Labor is one year from the date of commissioning. ROS Electric warranties all our installation for one year plus one month; that’s just how we roll!

Q: What is your company’s coverage area?
A: We work throughout the entire state of New Jersey as well as in the five boroughs of New York and areas in Upstate New York, such as Westchester, Orange, Rockland, & Putnam Counties. However, we have gone as far a Wyoming for a project for one of our long standing clients; that’s the ROS Electric difference!

Q: Are you a distributor/reseller of any OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)?
A: No, we install and service all the major OEM’s equipment and systems from such companies as Honeywell, Siemens, General Electric, Altronics, as well as lesser known manufactures, however we are not obligated to any which one. We believe in a “best in class” approach to system design and setup and will often use multiple equipment manufactures’ equipment on a single project to get the desired result.

Q: Do you use subcontractors?
A: No, all our installations across all four of our divisions, (Electric, Fire & Security, Data Telecommunication, & Automated Temperature Control), are completed and installed by our own employee’s. We do from time to time hire what we refer to as partners such as Manufacturer’s Rep to complete system startups and system integration.

Q: Is your company insured?
Yes, we have a full suite of insurance policies in place for both yours and our protection including, General Liability, Auto, and Workers Compensation. We can issue you a certificate of insurance prior to commencing any work and have the ability to name you as additionally insured if need be.

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