Fire Security and Access Control Systems

red-securityTake your building’s security to the next level, with ROS Electric’s integrated approach to facility management and safety!

Fire Security & Access Control Servicessecurity-cameras

  • Commercial Fire Alarm Systems – By (Honeywell Fire-lite)
  • IP & Analog Camera Systems
  • Security Alarms – By (Ademco)
  • Managed Access Control (Wiegand/Proximity Sensor)
  • Central Station Monitoring
  • Custom Alarm Monitoring Panels

Today’s facilities, whether industrial, commercial, residential, or mixed use, are a complex “ecosystem” of resources that need to work together in order to protect both the owner’s property and its occupants.

ROS Electric’s trained staff of professionals have the experience to help design and implement a myriad of security systems that will help you protect and secure your facilities and make them a better & safer place to live, work, and play!

The Eye in the Sky!

Video surveillance cameras, aka CCTV, are the easiest way to help secure a building’s facilities while helping to reduce overall building operating expenses. Their proliferation in the market place as well as developments in newer technologies have greatly reduced their cost, making a CCTV system a must have for any facility that is serious about its security.

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Out of sight, “Not” out of mind!

A properly installed and maintained alarm system is always looking out for you, even when you’re not, 24/7! Connected to a centrally monitored command center you will be notified of events that occur at your facility at all hours of the day or night.

The experienced staff at ROS Electric have the expertise necessary to balance both cost & design while implementing a system that is both functional and code compliant.

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“Access Denied”

The ability to control the flow of personal in and out, as well as within your facility, is paramount to the safe and secure operation of your building. An access control system gives you the ability to seamlessly assign “access” rights to tenants and employees alike.

Let the experienced professionals at ROS Electric help design and implement an access control system to give you the flexibility and control you need to secure your facility.

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