CCTV and Video Surveillance Camera Systems

At ROS Electric LLC, we know that deciding on a Video Surveillance solution for your home or business can be overwhelming. Who should you trust to protect your most valuable possessions?

Let our team of security experts at ROS Electric LLC custom design a security system that will give you peace of mind at home, at work and wherever life takes you.  Our consultation is absolutely FREE.


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CCTV and Video Surveillance Camera System Installation


The first step to protecting your home and business is to carefully investigate and evaluate your needs.

With a close eye on containing costs, ROS Electric LLC will design the most effective CCTV and Video Surveillance System for those needs.

Whether it is a basic, single-camera monitor installation; DVR/NVR IP recording; or high-end, fiber-optic matrix switching systems, we at ROS Electric LLC will install your customized surveillance system with expertise and efficiency.


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Surveillance Cameras

When selecting cameras for your video surveillance system, where do you begin?  With over 100,000 different cameras on the market today, how do you select the right one for your application?  

ROS Electric LLC will partner with you to determine the best surveillance cameras for your application.  Some of the factors to consider when selecting the “right” camera are:

  • Distance to target area
  • Desired field of view
  • Camera resolution – facial recognition, license plate recognition or just a good quality picture
  • Night time recording
  • Direct sunlight recording
  • On board memory storage
  • Video Analytics
  • Analog or IP
  • Communication technology to your recording device or network
  • Price


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ROS Electric LLC can help you select the best recording device to capture, store, transmit and play back your video.  Some of the factors to consider when selecting the correct recording device for your application are:


  • Desired or required days of video storage
  • Stand alone or networked application
  • Video resolution match to cameras
  • Analytics
  • Recorder technology capabilities
  • Existing camera type and communication platform


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Monitoring Display

The traditional means of viewing recorded video, the display or monitor is used today in millions of commercial and residential applications.  Either as stand alone or through matrix switches, many security conscious customers deploy several monitors viewing hundreds of surveillance cameras simultaneously.  

Today many of our customers demand multiple platforms for viewing their recorded video.  Computers and smart devices are the most common. Through video analytics (in the camera or recording device), motion in the camera’s field of view can be detected and a video of the event can be immediately emailed to you.  This technology can turn a video CCTV and surveillance system into a perimeter intrusion system.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Video Surveillance Cameras & CCTV Systems


Are pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) cameras better than fixed cameras?

Pan, tilt, zoom cameras work well in the correct application.  Though more expensive than fixed cameras, a well positioned PTZ camera, through video analytics can cover the area of three or four fixed cameras with the benefit of zoom viewing.


What do I need for a complete CCTV system?

A CCTV System consists of a camera(s), recording device and a platform to view video.  A complete CCTV System matches the components listed above with your video surveillance objectives to give you the system to keep your employees or family safe.


How does an Infrared day night camera work?

A thermographic camera (also called an infrared camera or thermal imaging camera or infraredthermography) is a device that forms a heat zone image using infrared radiation, similar to a common camera that forms an image using visible light.

Infrared cameras are not all the same, again the correct camera selection is key to achieving your video surveillance objectives.  Infrared or night vision field of view varies by camera.

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