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4 Reasons to Get a Whole House Generator

In 2020, the number of blackouts across the USA jumped by nearly three quarters. Much of the impact of these could have been avoided, or mitigated, through the use of a whole house generator that could keep the home running. Though, not everyone is yet convinced of how effective they are.

Below we have listed four reasons why a whole house generator is a good idea for your home, as well as that of your neighbors and the entire community. By the end, you should be able to talk about generator installation from a position of knowledge.

1. Efficiency

Compared to portable generators, a whole house generator will be up and running a lot faster, staying on for longer. This is because a portable generator needs to be refueled every few hours. This can even cause further blackouts if you forget.

A whole house generator hooks into your local gas line. This means that it has a constant supply of fuel with which to power your home. It will not run out, and you can have the assurance that your new generator will not stop running.

2. Fewer Costs

With the above danger of portable generators, you cannot keep everything in your home safe. Your food will spoil in the refrigerator, and your pipes will freeze without adequate heating.

Over time, these issues can begin to build up into a significant food or repair bill. After you buy a whole house generator, you can sleep safely knowing that there will be no unexpected costs.

3. Safety

Using a portable generator to power an entire house is a lot less safe. This is because of the large amounts of fumes that can result from the combustion process inside the device. The best whole house generator, on the other hand, does not create these fumes and so your family will stay safe from dangerous gases in the house.

4. Convenience

With a portable generator, you need to turn it on manually. We can all recall videos of people pulling a long string for a starter motor and it not working right away. None of that happens with a whole house generator.

They start as soon as the home loses power, causing the least amount of power downtime. Thus, every one of your essential appliances might be down for a split second, but they will reset. Even the fridge and freezer will not stop chilling your food.

Key Takeaways:

  • A whole house generator is more efficient, staying on for longer and running at a faster pace.
  • It also offers fewer costs as it will keep your food from spoiling and pipes from freezing when the electricity is out.

Where to Get a Whole House Generator

All in all, a whole house generator can give you assurance when the electricity does not live up to expectations. If you are looking for one for your own home, ROS Electric can help you with sourcing and installing one that fits your needs. Give us a call, and we’ll give you all the advice you need.

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