Are Building Fires Common in Winter?

Did you know that you can acquire a $5,000 fine in New Jersey for disabling a fire alarm? Even failing to install a fire alarm or detection device can cost you thousands. 

A fire alarm is a simple and effective device that, if used correctly, can detect fires early on and help you and others safely leave the building. In the winter, furnaces and fireplaces are frequently used to stay warm, but they could pose a greater risk than you may think. 

Winter is one of the worst times for house fires, and more people remain in buildings due to cold temperatures outside, increasing the risk of injuries or death. In our complete guide, we are going to review how common house fires are in the winter and simple ways you can ensure proper fire safety during the colder months. 

Causes of Building Fires

In the winter, building fires are highly prevalent, with one of the main causes being heating equipment. Improperly or poorly functioning heaters, fireplaces, or space heaters can spark a house fire.

Other notable causes of building or house fires in the winter are cooking, the use of candles, or smoking. Experts also found that building fire damage from dryers peaked during the fall and winter months. 

Preventing Building Fires

There are two primary ways that you can prevent a fire from occurring. First, you should practice fire safety protocols, such as monitoring stoves, fireplaces, or candles when you are using them. 

Next, you should have your appliances regularly inspected and cleaned. Clogged lint filters or ductwork can easily lead to overheating and spark a flame. You should periodically clean lint filters and call a professional for furnace or ductwork repairs and cleaning. 

Installing and Checking a Fire Alarm

A fire alarm will not prevent building fires from occurring, but it can reduce building fire damage and provide early warnings. Replacing fire alarms is critical to help keep you and others safe this winter since experts predict you may have as little as two minutes to escape from a house fire. 

Larger buildings pose an even greater risk, and you should also have a fire escape plan readily accessible. Ultimately, you should hire a professional team to inspect, test, install, and maintain your building or home fire alarms.

Experts will help you determine if your building is up to fire codes and standards. They can also provide advice and consultation on fire safety

Find a Fire Alarm Company Today

A fire alarm is the first tool used to quickly detect a fire in a building. Regular fire alarm inspection is crucial to keeping you or other residents safe in a building. At ROS Electric, we specialize in testing, inspecting, and installing up-to-date fire alarms for homes, businesses, or larger units. We also provide fire safety consultation and can help you implement fire security services. 

Winter poses an added risk for fires, so don’t delay any longer. Contact us today to get started with a fire alarm inspection.

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