4 Benefits of Installing EV Charging at Your NJ Airbnb

In 2021, consumers bought 6.6 million electric cars. There’s no denying that electric cars are on the rise, and you still have time to get ahead of the trend. 

If you’re renting out an Airbnb in NJ, you can actually attract more guests by having EV charging stations at your listing. But, what are some of the other benefits? Keep reading to discover why you should have eco-friendly rental homes. 

1. Generate More Revenue

One of the reasons that you should deal with the upfront charging station costs is that it can generate more revenue in the long run. Then you can raise your listing fees and market the EV charging as a free amenity. 

If you don’t want to cover any of the electric costs, you can have your guests pay for the charger, but you’ll need a special charging station to be able to do that. Ask your electric contractor what types of models they have available. 

You can control the pricing of the charger so that you can cover your electric costs but also bring in more profits. Either way, your guests will be happy they can charge their car overnight during their stay. 

2. Stand Out in Listings

With many people taking road trips again after the pandemic, many people are looking for places to stay that offer charging for their vehicles.

This can make your listing stand out if many other listings don’t have this as a listed amenity. You can also find people who normally wouldn’t stay at your place, but they may choose to stay there just because of the charger.

If your Airbnb is somewhere in the middle of nowhere without access to a lot of chargers, this can drive even more traffic to your listing. 

3. Save Money

You’ll be able to save money in the long run because you will generate more profits either from the charger directly or the higher listing cost. 

You’ll also get tax breaks on your property when you have a charger on the property. You may even have access to tax incentives for installing one. In addition, having one on your property will also increase your property value. 

4. Attract More Customers

Lastly, having one of these chargers will help attract customers who are eco-friendly. If you’re one of the only houses in the area that has a charging station on the property, then your house will become a hot commodity.

This amenity alone can help attract customers who are looking for Airbnbs with a charger, and it can make up for any other amenities that your home may be lacking.

Key Takeaways:

  • Having an EV charger at your Airbnb property can help you generate more revenue.
  • An EV charger at your Airbnb property can also help you stand out in listings and save money in the long run.

Discover More Benefits of Using EV Charging at Your Airbnb

These are only a few benefits of installing EV charging at your New Jersey Airbnb, but there are many other benefits. Before you can enjoy these benefits, you’ll need to choose the right company to install the charger. Thankfully, ROS Electric is here to help you out. Check out our website to find out even more about our EV chargers, or contact us today to schedule an installation. 

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